About Us

U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist is a worldwide agency, which explicitly seeks raw talent; no matter your race, gender or nationality.

In this multi-global cultural event, we allow each person’s talent to speak for itself and with that we assist in promoting his or her talent globally.

U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist was devised as a way to provide an opportunity for less fortunate individuals who have the talent, but not necessarily the financial means to become discovered. With the platform that is given to the selected individuals, they are afforded the opportunity to publically display their culture through the art of music. We are looking for the Best hip hop dancers in the world, Best hip hop choreographers, Best bikini female competition, Best Brazilian carnival music, Best Trinidad carnival music, Best Musical theatre dance choreography, and Best international films makers. So if you believe that you have what it takes to become a prominent artist amongst any generation, the drive to prevail, and the talent to exhibit, then U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist is the place for you. Here our sole objective is to allow all artists to live out what it is that they were destined to do.

At U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist we believe when destiny calls it is not for us to decide when the time is right for you to shine, all it takes is for you to believe, and then do it. Turning dreams into reality is what U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist is about. Throughout years and generations of musical journeys, melodious treks, and an incessant hope to unravel vocal talents, we are going stronger today in our goals to inspire change, make a difference, and build a union of a concerned society united under one aim of love, life, and harmony through music. So if you are the Best films maker, Talent promoter Florida, Talent discovery platform providers, and Discover new talent, then you need to pay close attention now. U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist has a special kind of once in a life time type of offer for all artists who want to be discovered.

You must sign up now before it’s too late at www.usdiscoverytalent.com

Note: Any assistance required with immigration visas to the US for the purpose of attending the competition or promotional matters shall be brought to the attention of the Competition Manager as soon as possible. When applicable, the competitor may receive assistance thru in-house immigration counsel with their request for entertainment visas.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us about it. Submit your inquiries using our contact form and you will be assisted as soon as possible.



Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still need assistance, please email us at info@discoveryidols.com.

1What is U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist?
U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist is an International Contest searching for new musical talent.
2Who is it for?
U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist is for singers, musicians, and songwriters who think they have enough talent to pursue a career in the music business.
3How do I participate in the U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist contest?
To participate in the Contest you must register by filling out the form completely and pay the registration fee before October 25, 2017.
4How much does it cost to enter the contest?
The amount you pay will depend on what category you want to enter. Please click here to view the application.
5Who will judge my musical work?.
The general public will vote first followed by a panel of 3 judges.
6What is the Popular Vote?
The popular vote is the final decision of the judges after a sum of votes cast by the general public .You can cast your vote for as many songs as you like, but you cannot vote twice for the same song.
7Who are the Judging Panel and the Jury of Experts?
The Judging Panel is a committee composed of critics, journalists and enthusiasts involved in the contest. Their judgment, at their sole discretion, added to the Popular Vote will select the finalists. The Jury of Experts, composed of professionals of the highest international level of the music business will elect the winners.
8Where can I find the results and all communications relating to the Contest?
All results, as well as voting progress, will be published exclusively on this website. In addition, all communications, variations, and changes decided by the U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist committee will be made known and announced on this website.
9When is the deadline to enter the contest?
The deadline for the contest is October 25, 2018 at 6pm EST. U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist reserves the right to change this deadline and will post any changes on the website.
10What are the criteria for assessment to be used?
The evaluation criteria is specifically for singers, composers, and groups. Please view competition rules. The top 20 finalists will be invited to perform in the US in front of the judges.
11How do I collect my prize?
The procedure for collection will be shown to the winners at the appropriate time. All prizes must be collected in person. No bank or wire transfers will be issued.
12Can I sell my music on your website?
At this time, U.S. International Discovery Band & Artist prohibits music sales on the website.
13I reside outside of the US and made the Top 20. How do I get help to obtain a visa?
When you enter the contest please make sure you notify us that you may need assistance in obtaining an entertainment visa. A representative from Findley Bologna International will contact you.